Thursday, July 5, 2007


So I moved into my far so good! Now I'm spending all my days and nights at Summerfest.

I've been walking around talking to people and asking them random "Can I eat your food?" Let me say everyone let me have a bite!

I also have been eating like crap all week!! (Note to self...join a gym a.s.a.p.!!!)

I will say I've enjoyed the eating but boy am I paying for it!!! Yowza!


Alex Mann said...

Dude, whatever!!! I'm the one that needs to feel like poo about my bod.

You are still the slimmest gal in the building!

I'll bring some healthy snacks to SUMMERFEST for us to munch on today. Let's drink lots of water too.

Bonnie said...

Erin!!!! Just a voice from St. Louis! We miss you here and it sounds like you are doing well. I came back from vacation and you were gone!!! I emailed Billy and he let me know the scoop. He also jokingly said "just wait until her first winter"! lol

Anyway, wishing you the best and I will stop by here periodically to see how things are going!


annon said...

Are we supposed to know any of those people from the slide show on the morning show page? They look like a band of some sort?

Donna said...

Since Erin isn't answering your question annon, I will. Those pics are members of The Fray, apparently posing with fans at the meet and greet before their recent concert at The Marcus Amp. I didn't go to the meet and greet but I did see the concert ... it was great! Ok Go opened for them and they were really fun too!