Friday, February 24, 2017


I've hadn't had the chance to travel like I really love to do.  I've been saving my money and getting that all straightened out.  Now I'm really getting anxious to go somewhere and have something to look forward to.  The question is when and where do I go next?

The very first trip I took alone was to Paris France.  It was Christmas time and I don's usually spend the holidays in a traditional sense.  That became the time of year for me to travel.  That trip was so liberating because I had never traveled all by myself before. Not only that, but I don't speak or understand any French.

Arc de Triomphe

The next trip was to Rome Italy. I went in the summer, which was simply amazing.  I loved it!  I can't think of anything I didn't like about that trip.

Trevi Fountain

While in Rome I took an excursion to the island of Capri!  Seriously, it was so gorgeous!

The top of Capri

The next Christmas trip I took was to London.  I landed on Christmas day and left New Year's Eve night.  I watched the fireworks at midnight and then got on The Underground and headed to Heathrow


Each one of these trips was amazing in their own way.  I left each country meeting people and making friends.  I came back with amazing stories and amazing experiences.

Last April I took a trip to Australia.  I booked my travel plans a week before I left.  It was a last minute trip to say the least.  Australia has always been on my places to go.  The only bad part of my trip was only being there for about a week.  Australia is so big and there's a great distance between the major cities that you definitely need to take a plane to each stop.

I landed and then walked across the Harbour Bridge to take my first selfie

Sun down at Manly Beach

It's not bungee jumping...just bridge climbing

So where do I go next?  Granted, I'd love to have a travel partner, but I don't know when I might find one. So a girl has to make her own plans. South Africa has always been on my travel wish list.  Cape Town looks amazing!  Spain and Greece are high up on my list as well.  Cuba would be awesome to see before it totally changes.  Iceland would be cool. I have to see the Northern lights at some point in my life.

There are so many places that would be amazing.  My only requirement is that I don't do tropical beach vacations by myself.  That's one type of vacation that I want to be with either girlfriends or my romantic friend.

The adventure is mine to make.


Max Iver said...

I second Iceland! I've been wanting to go for a long time. The landscapes and mountains there are some of the most amazing on this earth.

Anonymous said...

Damn you are beautiful!