Tuesday, June 17, 2008


After the break up with Mr. X I decided to take a break from dating. Here's why. I thought I found this great guy who seems to have it all together. He seemed into me, he got along with my friends. Seemed to have a good heart and willing to compromise. He seemed to be a good package. I really couldn't say anything bad about him, and all my friends loved him. They thought we were so cute together. Some I think were a little envious. Then out of nowhere, this "NICE GUY"decides he's changed his mind and that 'He has issues'. So after having this seemingly "NICE GUY" do that to me and changed overnight...I decided I was not ready to go back out there and mess with the riff raff. Putting myself out there was too scary.

I got to thinking over the weekend maybe I should at least keep my eyes open. Now, I need to make this clear that I am in no hurry to find a guy. You know, at least see what's out there. So yesterday, I put my profile back up on MATCH.COM. I mean, why not? Mr. X hasn't held back from putting himself out there again. I know that for a fact. I don't think he's dating anyone but I wouldn't put it past him to have already had some dates lined up in the week after we broke up. Who knows maybe more. (REMEMBER...guys move on very quickly...faster than you think)

Here's where things will be a little different. When I met Mr. X, I probably put too much stock in MATCH.COM. I checked my profile all the time. This time it'll be a tool but not the only tool. So, I've decided that my single girlfriends we need to get out more and be more active. Meet people possibly the old fashioned way. I would prefer not to meet someone in a bar but I did meet Sean sort of that way. And that lasted a year and a half.

I have to say that over the weekend a couple of my friends decided to go to the Brewer game on Saturday. I was looking cute (if I do say so myself) as we all were and we were getting attention left and right. We got free tickets to the game from some guy walking by. As soon as we walk in the stadium a group of guys stopped and told us that were the hottest girls they've seen in Milwaukee. They ended buying some beers and wanted to hang out later. Then as us girls are walking around Miller Park another set of guys stops us. One of the guys said to me "You are hot blah blah blah...where are your guys...how come you don't have a guy? That girl has a guy!" I then told him that "maybe you should ask the guy that broke up with me 2 weeks ago!"

What I'm trying to get at is that it felt fantastic getting the attention. I'm not going to lie!! I mean, I'm a fresh back on the market after a break up with a guy that couldn't appreciate the great person and great catch that I am. (too bad for him he'll probably... settle with someone that's not as good as me!!) So there I decided maybe it was an o.k. idea to turn the radar back on again.

Right now I'm slightly bothered but I must confess and be a catty woman for a second...Here I am a woman looking for a man ready to at least consider a relationship...if it leads into something long term that's great....but I will so mad if the guy that has commitment issues and the guy that is trying to find himself gets out there and finds someone before me. I'm ready for it!!! He's NOT!! LBS!!! WTF!!! He even said so...unless he's just saying it because he has no idea what else to tell me.

I know that dating and finding someone won't happen overnight. I know that I may not get any dates with people worth dating for months maybe longer. My best GF hasn't dated anyone for a year and half she seems fine about it, and I'm not the girl that dates just to date. I don't need a free meal that bad. I am pretty picky...although I wonder if I need to be pickier!

To be honest, good quality people are hard to find and I won't date non-quality people. And if that means I'm alone having Erin time and time with my friends then that's pretty good too. No one really likes to be alone but I won't get into a relationship just for the sake of having someone around.


Jenny said...

Hi Erin
I'm in the same boat. I went out last night to a free concert at the fair and boy was it depressing. I looked around and really didn't see anyone "worthy" of dating. It really made me miss my ex and because at the moment I have him on this stupid pedestal and feel that I wont meet anyone that compares. I really need to get in the mind set that if I dont meet anyone that I want to date I can still have fun with my girlfriends but then I have that stupid nagging feeling that I dont want the ex to meet someone b4 I do :( man what is a girl to do!?

Anonymous said...

Maybe you should be like George Costanza and do the exact opposite of whatever you think you should do. Worked for him. Of course you'll have to go lesbo, but the ends justify the means.