Wednesday, August 15, 2007


As a lifelong brunette I've always felt like the "redheaded stepchild" so to speak when it comes to men preferring blondes. How and why did I come to this conclusion?

Have you ever really met a man that said he PREFERRED brunettes? My answer is no! In my opinion, every man prefers a woman that has big boobs and blonde hair. And any man that says he doesn't is a big fat liar pants!

I think I really noticed this disturbing trend when I watch men check a woman out. I never see them turn their head or a brunette! Or better yet, on Myspace, when there is a guy on there...he'll always have a TON of pics of girls with blonde hair. May they be bottle or natural, they're blonde and the men LOVE them.

I actually have a theory. If you put a blonde with an average face and a brunette that is better looking...the blonde would get more attention. (notice that the next time you're out)

So how do brunettes get themselves noticed and preferred? It's a good question that I would love to get answers to....AND NO..DYING OUR HAIR IS NOT AN OPTION!!!


b-mattes said...


No matter what color a woman's hair is, I find confidence and success to be extremely attractive. Now you're thinking...I can't wear that on my head, well...true. You can, however, carry yourself confidently; have a style that shows you are comfortable and well adjusted and successful. A quality man with a discerning eye will recognize this because he's not the one twisting his neck to watch the blonde walk past.

You are a beautiful woman (with beautiful hair) and the fact you won't follow the pack into the hair dye salon shows strong character and resolve. I do my best to respect women, but if I saw you exhibiting the qualities listed above, it’d be difficult not to take a second look.


Pete Fanning said...

I'm going to really get myself into trouble here (maybe), maybe not, but I've had a thing for brunettes as FAR BACK as I can remember....I mean at least from my early high school has to go back to when I at least first started getting interested in gals to begin with...

I think alot of it has to do with the fact the first gal I had eyes on was a brunette...and I've been stuck on them ever since.....

Blonds just don't do it for don't sell yourself short...there ARE guys like me out there that DO prefer brunettes...

Probably the most famous brunettes I've fell in love with are Sandra Bullock, and the comedian Sarah Silverman....and who could forget Audrey Hepburn in "Breakfast at Tiffany's"?!

Yep....count me among the brunette lovers....

Peter said...

In my opinion, every man prefers a woman that has big boobs and blonde hair.

Nyet (that's Russian for "no," for those of who who graduated from Racine Unified).

At least any man worth having. It's not looks or money, because all of that will disappear. I know. My ex was looking for a second income and being in the education field, I'm not in that for the money

I can't put my finger on it, and I am no expert by any means because anyone who's read me bare my soul at my place knows I've had nothing but failure in this area ... the proverbial "just a friend" guy.