Wednesday, February 12, 2014


That may seem like a ridiculous question to some, but when I tell you what I've observed, I want you to answer honestly. Not in the way it "should" be, but in the way it "is." 

I was a late bloomer in life. Some may say that I never bloomed. As a freshman in high school I was still wearing a training bra. I remember the girls with the HUGE boobs, were the girls that had that the boyfriends.  While I was trying get noticed. 

Some things don't change. Even now, society is obsessed with women that are mammary blessed, even if artificially. 
I've noticed something about the women in Houston media that get a lot of attention. Yes, they are very attractive, but I also notice that they are all very artificial in the chest department.  

All of those women I hear men talk about on TV in Houston, and a few on the radio, have all been augmented. These men go on and on about how hot these women are. Forget about what they act like when these women ARE around. What about their talent? Well, they never talk about their talent.

When I look at some the Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook posts of these women I see a fair amount of photos taken with boobs front and center in the picture. Is that what I'm gonna have to start doing? Do I need to go to Dr. Ciaravino and then post selfies with my new giant melons to get more twitter followers?

I'll admit I'm self conscious, however I thought I got over my small boob phobia years ago.When I was in high school I thought that if I got fake boobs that would make me a "better" person. Years went by and I realized that even though mine are small they look pretty good, and until they start sagging like a cows teat then I'd be OK. No need for changing what doesn't need to be changed. However, now I wonder if that's true.

I always thought it would be better for me to be talented and funny than have big boobs to put on display.

People will say, "Erin be happy with what you have and with who you are!" And I agree with them. But I want you to look at the women that are well known in TV or radio in this market or in other markets. Then I want you to look at a lot of  women that are famous. A large amount of them have been chest enhanced. 

Does it only matter how big your chest is versus if you're talented or not? Will it take me augmenting every part of ERIN to make people in Houston listen to my show and to my station? Does boob size equal ratings? Does my cup size dictate my popularity?  Will I keep my career alive if I go to a C or D cup?  I would hope the answer is no, but sometimes I wonder.

                                        I know this is a stupid pose I'm doing, but it works!


Anonymous said...

I think you tell yourself a lot of lies. First of all, you can have big boobs and still be talented. Secondly, are you really as talented as you think. Are you number one? Are you syndicated? Are you a radio star? People that have "it" will always bring in listeners, no matter the station, no matter their looks. It seems like you always have to point out the faults in other women(they are young and dumb, they have big boobs and no talent,etc.,) to make yourself feel better. A lot of these women on tv may have big boobs, but ALL of them have degrees. Do you? Maybe you should concentrate on your brain and less on your looks. It might make you a lot happier!

Erin Austin said...

Wow...I guess we all see and believe what we want to believe. I never said that you can't have big boobs and talent. Someone is a little defensive.

I'm only stating that maybe some of these women that have been augmented have an edge over someone possibly more qualified simply because they have big boobs.

And no..not all of these women on TV have degrees. I know for a fact several were at the right place at the right time. Which is great! Some careers don't always need a degree.

I find it ironic that you make such a huge deal about my degree. (I feel as though you've been the person to jab at me before about this.) When so many successful businessman were college dropouts. May I reference this article

And BTW, There's a lot of people in this business that win by default. There's also a lot of great shows that fail due to circumstances out of their control.

Have a nice day!

You Pimp said...

Well Mr . Anonymous. You sir are a douche nozzle

Anonymous said...

Whether you have big boobs in business its win/loss by talent. I am one who has always had boobs & can say out of respect for the business I am in...if I used them for that I would get none. Maybe its the industry you have choosen... Its about using your brain which is what I always went for. Why?? Because that is what matters and sustains in the end. Honestly- you compare yourselfs to others A LOT and concentrate SO much on the physical apperance. STOP!! Be happy with yourself! Whether you have big, mid-size, small or no boobs...NOone cares!! Why would you think for a second what media shows os what everyone cares about?? Believe it or not, women having boobs or not have worries. Get over yourself, be happy with yourself, & enjoy life. Its to short!

Anonymous said...

Wow...I didn't get that from your post AT ALL (from Anon #1).

Ok. I'll say this first...I'm a male. And I do like breasts. A lot.
THAT's not everything to me by any means. Personality, intelligence, talent, etc., goes way beyond any physical 'endowment' one might have.
I have met very famous models that have done absolutely zero for me. I've met women that normally wouldn't be my type, but made me laugh and challenged me in conversation as such that my interest was heightened!
So CAN have big breasts and be talented. You can also be a member of the I.B.T.C. and have so much more in a number of other areas.
I'm 'anonymous', but I do know you, and you ARE very talented, intelligent and attractive. I think it IS an interesting discussion, however, and I HAVE seen the size of a woman's chest unfortunately work for, and against, them.

Anonymous said...

Would have answered sooner but was taking that Kong quiz at the top.

As a guy, dont think you have to inflate to rate. Boobs get noticed but so do nice legs and piercing eyes. The guy that solely judges on a rack will fail to notice the most beauty and deserves the karma of the "chick" with the Adam's apple at nights end.

The personality, knowledge, efforct, AND looks all play a part...hope that doesnt change.

Anonymous said...

"Does it only matter how big your chest is versus if you're talented or not? Will it take me augmenting every part of ERIN to make people in Houston listen to my show and to my station."- This is what you said. I'm reading it as you have to have one, or the other. Also, your ass is on the radio, so why would it matter if you have big boobs? If you need to turn it around on me and say I'm being defensive...go for it!! Whatever makes you feel better. This is not why people aren't listening to you, or your station. I would tell you why, but you don't want to hear it, so why bother. Just keeping listening to the people that tell you what you want to hear...that's my advice. If you don't want to go to college..then don't! Just don't complain in a few years when you can't find a job and all you have done is radio and they don't want a woman in her 40's! Also, would you like for me to reference ALL the people that are successful that have degrees. Also, I'm pretty sure it's "businessmen". Plus, you wrote, " There's a lot of people" and "There's also a lot of great shows." When writing something plural, that's not the right contraction. BTW, what circumstances caused you to fail in the mornings, middays and now afternoons? I really would like to know. I'm very curious. Also, could you tell me what TV women don't have degrees? I only know of one in this city, that may not have one.

Erin Austin said...

Keep your hatred for me gives me nourishment!

Anonymous said...


Calling someone out on shit they said and do is not "hating" on someone. I really don't understand how you can say all these horrid things about people and it's okay, but when YOU and your friends think someone is doing it to you,you go straight to victim mode and calling everyone haters? Can you explain that? Also, if me "hating" on you is giving you such nourishment, why don't you change? It just seems you still keep putting other people down, especially women, on this blog. If you really look at what I aid, none of it was mean. I asked you a lot of questions, but you did not answer any of them, because it's easier to play victim and put the blame on other people and not yourself. As long as you keep doing this, you will stay the same. It's obvious this blog is for attention and compliments, not for telling the truth, so I won't comment any longer. God is not in control of your Destiny,you are!

Erin Austin said...

If you think you're helping me you're NOT. If you know me then why don't talk to ME face to face about my "failures" and weaknesses and come up with a constructive way of correcting my "issues??" Instead you throw out one mean spirited jab after another.

When I talk about people and pose the questions I do, I rarely bring up anyone specifically. You however, constantly try to call me out and tear me down in front of everyone. My fault for allowing your comments to be posted.

At the end of the day, you don't like me for whatever reason, yet, you still read and comment on my blog regularly. I WIN!

simplybeckz said...

HI Erin again,

I will make a really short brief post, you look amazing as you are lady :),you have a great figure and a super strong personality, if you feel you wanted to change something about your self to make YOU feel happier inside then you go girl, ignore the haters they have a lot of issues with their own selfs it seems,..but my advice stay as you are as you are beautiful in so many ways ..
Beckz xx

DaddyRose said...

I apologize for being so late to this little shindig, but I wanted to share. I've read all of the comments, but I have chosen to ignore all of them after the original post.

In my opinion, women worry about their boobs as much as guys worry about their hair. Aside from a small fraction, a nice head of hair is a lot more popular than none. Lots of men in everyday business to Hollywood get hair implants just like women get breast implants. I myself still have a decent amount of hair, but I can see that it's thinning. I'm somewhat successful and have been told I got my foot in the door by looks a few times. So if my hair were to go, I have put lots of thought into what I would do. In the end, I would have to say that I would just let it be. I think you have made it this far in life, you have a good show, your smile is killer and you've dealt with a lot worse than not having big boobs. This internal conflict won't go away, but I know from reading the other bullshit you've lived with, this is going to be small potatoes conquer.

Excuse the rambling and keep your head up. Remember, you're cool.